This Grandma's Family Game Is The Sort Of Sadistic Energy That Holidays Need

Get cash or get snapped.

Every family has traditions — but some are a little more sadistic than others.

Cassi Graichen, 21, lives in Arizona and has a grandmother who gets very creative with activities around the holidays. Specifically, she enjoys creating games that get her family members to compete for money.

At Thanksgiving, that game involved mouse traps. Graichen shared it in a TikTok that's now nearing 1 million views.

In the game, the participants are blindfolded and put in front of a table with set mouse traps and money. They have to reach down and hope they get cash instead of a snap.

Graichen said they played the game at Thanksgiving. Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended limiting family gatherings during the holidays, Graichen and her family have been quarantining due to high-risk members.

"We went up there to visit, and we were looking at the grocery list, and there were mouse traps on it, and we were like, what is that for?" she told BuzzFeed News.

She added, "I didn’t play, because I wasn’t trying to get snapped, but I had fun watching everybody else do it."

She said her grandma always does these games — which one time included a pretty hardcore scavenger hunt — and her family loves it because they're so competitive.

"Especially when it comes to money — if money’s involved, everyone's pretty competitive," she said.

People have had fun imagining exactly what kind of grandma comes up with this stuff.

As for grandma, whose name is Debbie, Graichen has had to explain to her what "going viral" is — as well as a few other things.

"A lot of people are asking if my grandmother is Jigsaw; I had to explain to her what the Saw movies were," she said.

People also really wanted to see Debbie.


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Graichen said her grandma is a very sweet lady who is not, in fact, a sadist.

"I love her," she said, "and she’s the best."

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