This Couple Staged A Cringey '80s Engagement Shoot And It's Just Perfect

Turns out mall photo studios still exist!

It's only been a week, but Madison Moxley and Mason Whitis are already having a very memorable engagement.

The Kentucky couple are going viral for their '80s-inspired engagement photo shoot that is such a perfect mix of cringe and cute.

Moxley told BuzzFeed News that she and Whitis met two years ago on Tinder. Funnily enough, she remembers he had a "really bad" profile with black-and-white photos, but she swiped nonetheless. He messaged her first.

"And I’m glad he did," she said.

Cut to last weekend, when Whitis popped the question. They'd just moved to Louisville a month ago and were out exploring a bridge, just as the sun was setting.

"I wasn’t expecting it because just a few days before he’d broken his arm," said Moxley.

Humor has always been a centerpiece of their relationship. So, when it came time to get some engagement photos done, they both had a brilliant idea.

First, they visited a thrift shop and spent two hours picking out perfect retro outfits.

"We were just going for that cringe factor," said Moxley.

Then they went to the only place that could truly capture that '80s vibe — a JCPenney portrait studio.

Luckily, the studio's photographer was down for the idea.

"She thought it was funny as well and she even came up with some poses," said Moxley.

"It was so much fun, we couldn't stop laughing," said Moxley. "Every time we would take a photo we’d stop and laugh."

Adding to the hilarity is that the studio had a glass wall facing the rest of the mall, so people kept stopping staring at their photo shoot.

The couple was expecting their friends and family to get a few laughs from the photos, but now a whole lot more people are enjoying them too.

Moxley's post on Facebook with the photos now has more than 12,000 shares.

"I think it’s wild. You don’t expect to go viral," she said.

Whitis is particularly enjoying the whole thing, she added.

"I think this is the most excited I’ve ever seen Mason, he’s a pretty chill guy."

"We’re glad other people enjoy it."

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