These Anchors Exchanged Looks That Screamed "WTF Is This Bullshit" On Live TV

*Smashes beauty standards into tiny pieces*

Wisdom Martin and Maureen Umeh are anchors on the morning show Good Day DC, and they're about to give you so much life.

Their co-anchors were discussing "studies" that show that Kate Middleton has the desirable nasal tip rotation when Martin and Umeh exchanged a silent glance that said so much.

that moment when black people share that "fuck you talkm bout" face #GoodDayDC

Honestly, it's so perfect.

And while we don't know ~for sure~ what was going through their minds, the bit about Kate Middleton is some pretty iffy stuff.

By "studies," the anchors were probably referencing a 2014 article in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery that had people assess the attractiveness of different noses.

A nasal tip rotation of 106° was deemed to be the most attractive. So, basically the duchess's nose.

But here's the thing — that study only showed the participants noses from "normal-appearing white women aged 18 to 25 years."

Martin and Umeh seemed just as unimpressed by another ~study~ from plastic surgeons discussed on the show. This one compiled the most "desirable" face by making a cut-and-paste Frankenstein monster out of different celebrities.

yall gotta listen to the shade tho...."she looks like she has a condition or something" lmfaooooo 💀

You may notice there's no black women in there.

This is the look we should all be giving bullshit beauty standards.

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