18 Devastating Thanksgiving Clapbacks That Are Tastier Than Stuffing

"What did you use to dry the dishes?" "Your cornbread."

1. This year has been, well...it's been a year, you know? But thankfully today marks the return of #ThanksgivingClapbacks.

Aunt: Don't you think you should be married by now? Me: Don't you think you should know how make Mac and cheese by now? #ThanksgivingClapbacks

2. Finally, something to be thankful for.

Aunt: “You know those tattoos are a lifelong commitment right?” Me: “Yeah but your marriage wasn’t.” #ThanksgivingClapbacks https://t.co/wdUlRQDlCU

3. It's that most precious time when we roast both turkeys and our loved ones.

Aunt: What did you use to dry the dishes? Me: Your cornbread #thanksgivingclapbacks

4. No aunt is safe.

Aunt: “Why you wearing so much makeup ?” Me: “Why nobody eating your potato salad?” #ThanksgivingClapbacks https://t.co/gNgcd4lITC

5. No uncle will escape unscathed.

Uncle: aye stay off that phone we about to say grace! Me: just as soon as you tell your wife to stay off your neighbor. #ThanksgivingClapbacks https://t.co/x4PqEWSehS

6. Mouthy family members be warned.

Aunt: “Why you finish college?” Me: “Why ain’t nobody eating your potato salad?” #ThanksgivingClapbacks https://t.co/FbiCynHAKM

7. If you come for us, we will come for you.

“This came straight out of the oven” Me: More like straight out of the microwave #ThanksgivingClapbacks

8. Nothing is off-limits.

Aunt: Why can’t you find a good man? Me: Why can’t you find a good wig? #ThanksgivingClapbacks

9. Least of all your cooking.

Aunt:”When you gonna get your own place?” Me:”When you gonna start charging those 8 grown squatters rent?” #thanksgivingclapbacks https://t.co/ri69SF6xgL

10. 2018 has had enough shit without adding yours, Aunt Brenda.

aunt: your hair looks a mess me : so does that dressing #ThanksgivingClapbacks

11. Where's my boyfriend?

Uncle:when ya'll gonna try for a boy? Me: when your 10 year girlfriend quit trying for a ring. #ThanksgivingClapbacks https://t.co/s8DpdpgnXt

12. Glad you asked.

#ThanksgivingClapbacks Uncle: So, how's your love life? Me: Like your hairline. Nonexistent.

13. Watching what I eat?

#ThanksgivingClapbacks Aunt: "is that your second plate" Me: "is that your second husband"

14. How about you watch what you say.

Uncle: your plate doesn’t look very healthy Me: neither did your last 3 marriages #ThanksgivingClapbacks

15. Anything you say can and will be used to devastate you.

Uncle: “Isn’t it about time for you to get a job?” Nephew: “Isn’t it time for you to hold a job?” #ThanksgivingClapbacks

16. Salty barely covers it.

Aunt: Why you so salty? Me: Oh you mean like your greens? #ThanksgivingClapbacks

17. Don't dish out what you can't take right back.

Auntie: “Why you always on your phone?” Me: “Why you always on someone else’s husband?” #ThanksgivingClapbacks

18. So keep your noses where they belong.

Auntie: “which boy are you bringing to thanksgiving this year? Or are you onto girls again?” Me: “Which marriage are you onto this year?” #ThanksgivingClapbacks

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