This Boyfriend Had An Epic Response After A Stranger Tried To Tattle On His Girlfriend

"I think a lot of women get told to be more polite and be more gentle."

This is Kari, a grown-ass woman in Salt Lake City who recently had an internet bro tattle on her to her boyfriend.

Kari had been having a friendly argument with a comedian friend on Facebook about third-party politics in the US.

It wasn't a conversation that was at all unusual for Kari. What was unusual was the response from a guy named Nick, who jumped into the conversation.

Nick, apparently, didn't like Kari's tone, and decided to tell her it "needs work."

"The relationship I have with my mutual friend is we have intelligent debates. And then this dude busts in like, 'behave yourself,'" Kari told BuzzFeed News. "I got incensed."

Kari had one mutual friend with Nick, but isn't friends with him herself.

"It happens all the time," said Kari. "They just come at you like birds hitting a window."

So, she fired back. "I rated his facial hair 0 out of 5 and that was mostly on account of I don’t like being infantilized," she said.

And while it could've ended there, it didn't. Nick tracked down Kari's boyfriend and sent him a message saying "your girlfriend is a real piece of work."

"She was rude to my friend online, I asked her to check her tone, and she resorted to male bashing? Yeesh," he wrote.

"Wish her luck in her quest to not be challenged. She failed miserably tonight," he concluded.

"He was basically trying to tattle on me," she said. "Like, 'control your woman.' What did he expect from that?"

Kari assumes Nick was hoping her boyfriend would engage in the "weird covert misogynistic bro talk," but he was having none of it.

"It's sad that a grown man such as yourself would actually take the time to message me and chastise my partner," her boyfriend wrote.

She shared screenshots of the messages in a tweet and it's now been shared hundreds of times. Kari thinks that's because so many women have had dudes on the internet talk to them like that before.

Others shared their own stories of men on the internet who didn't know when to quit.

Kari said her boyfriend is also feeling pretty good about all the people praising his response. And as for Kari, she's keeping her tone as is.

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