“Spell Coconut” Is A Viral Sex Tip That Has Now Turned Into A Meme

Think about it.

There’s a viral sex tip going around that has basically turned into a meme. And it involves coconuts.

But, like, not literally.

The tip is, when you’re on top of your partner, to spell the word “coconut” with your hips. Just think about. Yeah. We’re on the same page here.

Mentions and searches of “spell coconut” suddenly shot up in the last two days. Although it’s not a totally new idea, according to Know Your Meme, the recent spike can be attributed to a Facebook group for Kenyan women called Kilimani Mums Udaku Zone🔥KMUZ.

That quickly turned into a series of jokes in the private group, and that was then picked up by the Kenyan Post. Just look at this delightful headline:

It’s interesting!

Now, as things do, the tip/meme made its way to Twitter.

If i spell coconut and he ask wtf im doing imma cry.

nobody: girls trying to spell coconut:

When you trying to spell coconut and he ask wtf you be doing

It’s all pretty funny.

Me practicing to spell COCONUT before I see my man.

Him: Spell coconut 😉 Me: okayy What I actually spelled:

Me, trynna remember how to spell coconut...

Even Brand Twitter got in on it.

Once y'all don't try to spell coconut in the backseat of the driver's car. Please wait till we drop you home safely!

So is it actually a useful sex tip? We’ll leave that to you to figure out.

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