This Pilot Got Burned By His Mom In The Most Hilarious Way

“Did you look through your bedroom window and see your unmade bed 🤔”

That’s Ismaeel Khan with his mom, Sarah. She’s really proud of her son, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t down to provide a vicious sassin’.

Khan, 20, lives in Durban, South Africa, and got his private pilot’s license last year.

Now he’s working toward his commercial license, which means he is getting in flight hours whenever he can.

So, last Sunday, he went out for a flight with his friend Bryce.

As he usually does, he gave his mom a heads up that they’d be flying overhead. Even if she can’t really see him, he likes to wave when he passes by.

And this time, in true mom fashion, her reply was absolutely, hilariously brutal.

“Did you look through your bedroom window and see your unmade bed 🤔”

Damn, mom.

“I said, ‘Yo my mom’s throwing some banter at me!’ and we had a good laugh for a few minutes in the plane,” Khan told BuzzFeed News.

Khan’s sister, Nabeela, tweeted the screenshot and people think it’s pretty much peak mom.

My brother is a pilot in training and was flying over our house and this is what my mum tells him sksksksksk

Nothing brings you back down to earth quite like a mom burn.

@JustNabz I like your mom..keeping your bro grounded despite the heights he reaches 😂

@JustNabz 😂 if your Mum ain’t this petty is she even your Mum

Khan is currently looking for sponsors to help him afford getting his commercial license. Sarah has some ideas of what’s holding him back.

But it’s all in good fun, of course. Khan said his mom is super supportive of his dreams.

“She’s very supportive because in this day and age, especially in this country, it’s not easy to get a pilot’s license,” he said.

“We’re not super well off so basically I’m working and paying for my flights on the weekends. I’m making it happen.”

The Twitter response even inspired him to start making flight videos again. This is the actual flight that sparked the mom burn.

View this video on YouTube

As for Sarah, she’s pretty jazzed about her viral fame.

And here’s mum’s last words to sum up her day of fame on Twitter

“I think she’s more excited than I am from the very little that she understands from Twitter,” said Khan.

Nabeela’s proud of her brother too.

“If anyone wants to sponsor my brother, so he can complete his commercial license, hmu,” she tweeted.

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