People Are Having Quarantine Drag Balls And The Looks Are On Fire

Category distancing!

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Socially distancing at home means our fashion choices have changed.

Sure, there are those who still feel the need to put on real clothes every day, but the rest of us are out here in sweats, thank you very much.

With that in mind, TikTokers are celebrating our quarantine lewks with a trend inspired by RuPaul's Drag Race and drag ball culture.

And the category distancing!

The concept of a drag ball comes from ballroom culture established in New York City by black and Latinx LGBTQ communities. That in turn inspired what you see on Drag Race.

In a ball, there's different categories that the performers dress for. In this case, TikTokers are making up their own.

Like "comfy couture."

And "throw blanket realness."

Or that special top-only look for a Zoom meeting.

Or that look that says "I haven't showered in four days and I'm loving it."

Some people got really into it.

This person looks legitimately amazing.

It's called fashion, have you heard of it?

I mean, a toilet paper roll purse? Yes, please.

The effort!

The gowns!

Shantay, you all home, where it's safe.

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