TikTok Is Reminding Everyone They Once Wanted To Be Effy From "Skins"

You wanted to be Effy — don't lie.

Channel 4

If you were a British teen in the late aughts (or a sad teen elsewhere with an internet connection), then you'll remember the edgy magic that was the original Skins.

The show followed a group of teenagers in Bristol as they encountered sex, drugs, relationships, school, trauma, eating disorders, and anything else life could throw at them. It was Degrassi but amped up and British. (There was also an American remake, but we don't talk about that.)

It was once called "the most dangerous show on television," had really good music, and was a true coming-of-age moment for many viewers.

The series ended in 2013, but Skins nostalgia is currently having a bit of a moment on TikTok.

Skins theme somg is trending on tiktok and its bringing back so many memories :,)))

Am I rewatching skins simply cos I heard the theme on tiktok? Yes Why? Cos it's the best show ever

The title song is being used in all kinds of videos, like ones reminding us how Effy made us think messy makeup was super chic.

We thought we looked so cool!

It was truly A Look.

Or how you loved Cassie through all her issues.


Honestly, who didn't want to be both Effy and Cassie?

Realistically, we were all Sids.

But Sid was great, tbh.

And there was always that one person who was a little too into the show.

Skins was important because it let us feel our teenage feels.

And it helped us discover who we are.

idk how i feel abt skins being a massivw thing on tiktok it deserves better but at least ik i wasnt the only one whos gay awakening was effy

And now, thanks to TikTok, a whole new generation is falling in love.

I'm so thankful for Tiktok because it has introduced me to Skins... Seriously how the hell did I grow up not knowing about this series because it's truly amazing!!! 😳😳😳 #Skins

why is there a sudden influx of Skins content on my tiktok....when did tiktok find out i tried to base my entire personality in middle school off of cassie



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