Sisters Apparel, James Charles' Merch Store, Has Been Taken Offline Amid The Ongoing Drama

Charles' merch is run by a company owned by fellow beauty guru Jeffree Star.

The online store for James Charles merchandise, Sisters Apparel, appears to be down amid the ongoing drama between him and other YouTube beauty vloggers.

In the last day, had been showing an "under construction" notice instead of the full website. Now, the URL simply redirects to Charles' YouTube page.

Normally, the site is where fans of Charles could purchase clothing, phone cases, and other merch with the Sisters logo.

If the site has indeed been taken down, it comes amid the ongoing drama involving Charles and fellow YouTube star Tati Westbrook. It all started with Charles promoting a competitor to Westbrook's line of beauty vitamins and has now spiraled to encompass Charles' personal life. (You can catch up on the latest here.)

Meanwhile, Charles has lost millions of YouTube subscribers, including celebrities and influencers, and former fans are destroying their Charles-branded makeup palettes.

Charles has also been called out by Jeffree Star, another big name in the YouTube beauty community. In a now-deleted tweet, he called Charles a "danger to society."

Star also happens to own Killer Merch, the distribution company that runs Sisters Apparel.

It's unclear if Star has anything to do with the Sisters Apparel website going dark. BuzzFeed News has reached out to Killer Merch for comment.

Meanwhile, the Sisters Apparel Instagram is still up, although the latest post is full of comments from people asking how to cancel their orders.

And those who have orders placed appear to be having trouble reaching customer service.

all I can say is @jamescharles and @sistersapparel better give FULL REFUNDS for cancelled order on the pastel restock pre-orders. I want to cancel my order and receive a full refund and their customer service aren’t responding to me... is this really the way to act rn?

@jamescharles @sistersapparel Literally emailed at 2:31 AM Sunday for them to cancel my order, in the light of recent events. I had no email that they shipped it to me until today. I hope they fix this, because I cannot wear this. No response yet and the website is down...

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