This Is Roscoe. A Photo Of Him In A Magnifying Mirror Has Taken The Internet By Storm.

Who is that little catto in the mirror? It's Roscoe!

This is Roscoe, and he is a very important internet cat.

You may have seen this devastatingly delightful photo of Roscoe's reflection in a magnifying mirror. It is, without question, a work of art.

This tweet, in particular, blew up over the last few days — but it's not where Roscoe's story begins.

Roscoe belongs to Katie B., a 24-year-old PhD student living in Chicago. She adopted Roscoe in Georgia back in 2017, and it was love at first sight.

"He was about 1 year old when I got him and was the sweetest cat there," she told BuzzFeed News. "As soon as I met him, I knew I had to adopt him."

Katie said Roscoe is a total lap cat and even likes belly rubs.

"Also he always has this look of surprise on his face that just constantly makes me laugh," she added.

That look was captured perfectly last August as Katie was getting ready for work and Roscoe was hanging out in the sink (one of his favorite spots).

"I was just going about my business when I looked down and saw his reflection in the magnifying mirror and I started laughing hysterically," she said. "It was hilarious, and thankfully I was holding my phone. So I quickly took a picture and sent it to my friends on Snapchat."

She also posted it on a couple of cat groups on Facebook. It then made its way to Reddit and Twitter, where it went viral the first time.

"I thought that was it for Roscoe's 15 minutes of fame, but fast-forward to yesterday and I start getting texts from friends that said they saw him on Twitter again! The new post went like three times as viral!" she said.

Indeed, Roscoe is a star all over again, and the memes are just wonderful.

There's even fan art.

@pinkafloyda Minha contribuição. É seu gatinho? Qual o nome?

"It's been really fun seeing how much people love it and all the memes and drawings people have done of Roscoe," said Katie. "He has brought so much joy into my life, and I'm glad he's bringing joy to others too!"

Katie said she thinks people like Roscoe because his face makes him look like he's always in the middle of an existential crisis.

"He's a funny little dude," said Katie. "I love him, and he's my best furry friend."

If you'd like more Roscoe in your life, you can find him on Instagram: @justbeingroscoe.

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