This Plus-Size Model Says She Was Told Future Didn't Want Any "Fatties" At The Club

Future told her on Instagram that it was the club's fault, not his.

A plus-size model said she was told not to even bother trying to get into a Miami club because the rapper Future said no "fatties" were allowed.

Naomie Chaput, who just goes by Nao, is a model from Montreal who was in Miami last week for a photo shoot. On Friday, she and a friend planned to go to a nightclub called Story, but they never made it.

According to Nao's publicist, Daniel Bouabdo, they were told not to bother.

"She was on her way there and they were in contact with the promoter who had arranged for them to go to the club," Bouabdo told BuzzFeed News.

Bouabdo said the promoter told them, “Don’t even bother coming. Future asked for no fatties."

Soon after, Nao posted an Instagram story about the incident, which was then shared widely.

Nao / Via Instagram: @

"And it's not that I wanted to see Future personally, because I don't give a damn about no fucking rappers," she said in the story. "But it's the fact that it's a thing in 2019 where we can say 'no fatties in the club.'"

In subsequent videos in her story, Nao's friend explained that the promoter told her that Future made the request himself for no plus-size women, and that he makes the request every time he's there.

Nao / Via Instagram: @

"So the promoter said that at Future’s request, no big girls allowed in club Story. It’s on South Beach, it’s common, no plus-sizes," her friend says in the video.

Bouabdo reached out to both the nightclub and Future's management about Nao's experience, but hasn't received any sort of reply. BuzzFeed News also reached out to both the nightclub and Future's publicist for comment but has not heard back.

Future did, however, appear to allude to the allegation in a tweet.

STOP CAPPIN ON MY NAME..I love all women 👑.

Since Future's management didn't reply through any official channels, Nao reached out to Future directly on Instagram. According to Nao, he replied and said what happened was Story's fault, not his.

"U lied on my name," he allegedly told Nao. "U should've said story told u that shit."

She explained that she was trying to clear up the situation, but he allegedly continued to call her a liar.

Bouabdo said they were hoping for an apology, or at least a public acknowledgement from Future that he doesn't condone the club's behavior.

"Nobody denied this behavior, nobody disassociated themselves from this type of behavior," said Bouabdo.

"We would like to believe that Future doesn’t condone such behavior but he’s leaving Nao no choice but to ask for an apology. It’s been now over 72 hours, and I still don’t have any answers for his publicist or his manager."

Nao and Bouabdo are now pursuing legal action and have hired a law firm in Miami, although Bouabdo said he was advised not to get into specifics.

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