People Are Demanding McDonald's Bring Back Szechuan Sauce Thanks To "Rick And Morty"

Dat sauce tho.

The internet is losing its shit over Szechuan McNugget sauce — which hasn't been available for ALMOST 20 YEARS — thanks to the cartoon Rick and Morty.

Here's the deal. Back in 1998, McDonald's made the Szechuan sauce for the release of Mulan. It disappeared soon after, and everyone pretty much forgot about it.

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That is, until the season premiere of Rick and Morty, where Rick travels to 1998 in his memory to get dat sauce.

There's also an extended rant about how his entire motivation as a person is the Szechuan sauce. You kinda had to be there.

Anyway. Now everyone wants the damn sauce.

We're at mcdonalds and my mom asked for the Szechuan sauce for shits and giggles and the guy said " Oh lord not this again " #rickAndMorty

Even if they're too young to have ever actually tasted the stuff.

My biggest unknowing disappointment is that the taste of Szechuan sauce will never bless my taste buds

And they're asking McDonald's to bring it back.

Hey @McDonalds, since Disney is making a live action Mulan movie, can you bring back that szechuan dipping sauce?…

There's art.

And memes.

Because of course.

I won't stop until you bring back the Szechuan sauce @McDonalds!!!

Not to mention a petition with more than 21,000 signatures.

But great news, nerds! Your prayers have been heard by this guy, who Business Insider says is a corporate chef with McDonald's.

@McD_Truth @AshleyLutz I'll see what I can do

And since a live-action Mulan is due for release, this seems...not totally impossible?

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