People Are Doing Some Weird Shit With Their James Charles Palettes In The Wake Of The Tati Drama

Like, literally burning it.

So you've obviously heard by now that there's some major drama going down with beauty vloggers James Charles and Tati Westbrook.

Over the weekend, Charles lost more than 2 million followers in the wake of Westbrook's video "BYE SISTER." Basically what you need to know is that (for like the fourth time) Charles has been declared canceled.

Before this most recent cancellation, Charles released a hugely popular makeup palette with Morphe. Fans went wild for the palette when it first came out, often depleting stock as soon as it became available.

Now, that means a lot of former Charles fans are using their palettes to make a statement.

This person, for example, literally set theirs on fire.

What to do with your James Charles Pallete thanks to Tati Westbrook 🔥

Others are covering up Charles's name with images. Like Snoop.

so instead of smashing my James Charles palette I've decided to do a lil DIY

Or they're painting over his name with something cheerier.

My sister had a knockoff James Charles palette and it gave off bad vibes so....

This person went full Shrek mode.

Bought the palette a long time ago but after hearing what he did i became so sick of james charles so i changed my palette into shrek themed #jamescharlesiscancelledparty

Others are using it as an opportunity to side with Westbrook.

oops, i think i got a little something on my james charles palette- stan tati :)

What does this achieve? I don't even know.

Basically there's a ton of people painting over the palette, but not destroying the palette.

Which I guess is reasonable, since the palette isn't cheap and is apparently pretty good.

And some of them are really creative!

"Too poor to throw away the palette." Fair.

This person made an actual statement by returning the palette to Ulta.

This person just waltzed in and gave Charles the finger. Iconic.

And then there's person, who just went there.

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