Everyone Is Laughing At This Dude Getting Chased By A Rooster

“He’s kind of scary,” said Boaz Marbach, who is the rooster’s usual victim.

This is Avicii, a very moody, clucky boi who lives in Indiana.

And this is Boaz Marbach, the poor soul who has to deal with Avicii’s temper.

Marbach, 22, is a student at Purdue University Fort Wayne and also works at The Shed Interiors, a home decor shop in Spencerville.

The business owner lives on the property with a flock of chickens, and one of Marbach’s daily tasks is to let the chickens out. He’s the only one who does it because everyone is afraid of Avicii.

“He’s kind of scary,” Marbach told BuzzFeed News. “He has a tendency to chase people, so I’m the only one who gets to do it.”

On Monday, Avicii was in one of his bad moods, and Marbach shared video of the chase and oh my god it is golden.

We have a chicken at work and it loves attacking me when I let it out

Honestly, I could watch this all day.

“Usually I bring a piece of wood so I can fend him off, but I didn’t have anything and I didn’t want to kick him or anything,” said Marbach.

On this particular occasion, Avicii chased Marbach all the way around the building before giving up.

“One of the girls I work with, one time he chased her down the road and she had to throw a flip-flop at him. That’s the only way he would calm down,” said Marbach.

Because chickens’ eyes are on the sides of their face, Marbach said Avicii also does a weird sideways shuffle as he gets closer.

“It’s really intimidating.”

His boss saw the footage of the chase and saved it for Marbach. His tweet with the video has since gone viral with more than 100,000 retweets.

“I thought only my friends would like it, and maybe my mom.”

Avicci isn’t always angry, said Marbach, but tends to be most feisty when first let out for the day.

“He is moody, and there’s been times when you could walk up to him and pick him up,” he said.

Marbach hasn’t actually been pecked to date, but clearly he lives in fear.

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