So Many Women Wore Monochrome Outfits For Biden's Inauguration

Purples, blues, plums, and a whole lot of long coats.

The fashion at Joe Biden's inauguration has a look, and it's one color at a time.

Many of the women attending the event chose to come in stunning monochrome outfits featuring matching sets and long coats.

It was kind of hard not to notice.

a monochrome moment is the only way to show up to an inauguration

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I see all the women got the monochrome memo

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Let's review!

Kamala Harris was decked out in vibrant purple (a shade that appeared to be royal blue in different lighting), looking very vice presidential. The ’fit was designed by Christopher John Rogers, a queer Black designer from Louisiana.

Kamala Harris is a long, deep blue coat with matching shirt, dark blue leather gloves, and black facemask.

The incoming first lady, Jill Biden, went for shades of ocean blue with a mask to match made by Markarian.

Michelle Obama wore plum from head to toe with a belt that everyone is talking about. Her outfit was designed by Sergio Hudson, a Black American designer who is a favorite of the former FLOTUS.

Another former FLOTUS, Laura Bush, went for a periwinkle blue look with a matching face mask. Her husband, former president George W. Bush, wore a tie that matched his wife's coat.

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton wore a bright purple pantsuit with a matching scarf, topped with a deep purple coat.

Meena Harris, Kamala Harris's niece, arrived in a moss-green shearling coat from Coach with a layered and textured jade green dress underneath.

The Biden granddaughters were a whole tub of Neapolitan ice cream.

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi wore a bright blue coat with a matching scarf.

Jennifer Lopez was stunning in all white, including what looks like white sequin pants.

The outgoing administration — at least those who showed up — also followed suit. Karen Pence was in fittingly somber black.

And a special shout-out to Bernie Sanders' Northeast dad mittens-and-coat combo.

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