Melania Trump Decorated The White House With "Blood Trees" And People Think They Are Spooky AF

“Beware the blood trees, may they not consume your soul.”

The White House is ready for the Christmas season, and Melania Trump unveiled the decor on Twitter.

The People’s House @WhiteHouse is ready to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season!

She has all the classic holiday touches, like these glowing golden trees.

And these festive red bulbs.

And this forest of trees that literally look like they're dripping in deep, red blood.

It's really the Merry Cones of Death that have drawn the most praise.

Finally we can stop saying “Happy Holidays” and go back to saying “Beware the blood trees, may they not consume your soul”

They really have a certain ~vibe~ to them.

Lady Melania wanted to send a message. "Take the blood of my enemies and paint the trees. Send it to the village for the Winter Harvest Festival as warning. Let no one ever cross me again. Be Best." "Be Best, my Lady," the underling replied and scurried away.

It's the perfect Halloween-to-Christmas transition decoration.

"How can we top those scary Christmas decorations we had in the White House last year?" "How about trees that look like they're literally drenched in blood?" "Perfect."

A wider shot really captures their horror movie appeal.

Melania's Christmas decorations look like they're straight out of the Shining

Very chic, très goth.

I think this is cool, does anyone know where I can get the blood of the innocent to paint my Christmas tree?

Some saw other parallels.

@FLOTUS @WhiteHouse Here Melania- someone fixed the red trees for you!

But is the media ignoring the real issue?

I'm aghast that Melania slaughtered hundreds of muppets and collected their pelts to make these Christmas trees. Why is no one covering this?

Merry Christmas, Melania!

Decorator: Okay, so we want to avoid looking like the entrance to the White Witch's Narnian castle like we did last year. Melania: What about red? Decorator: Sure, red ornaments are cheerful! Melania: No. The trees. Red. Decorator: .... Melania: Like the blood of my enemies.

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