The "Showing My Mom A Funny Meme" Meme Is So Pure And Perfect

*squints in mom*

There's a meme going around that perfectly — just so perfectly — captures what every mom looks like when you show them a funny thing on your phone.

Your mom's done it, my mom's done it, all our moms have done it, which has made the meme an instant classic.

At this point, it's made the rounds of meme pages on Facebook and Instagram, so it's not clear where exactly the meme originated.

But what's important now is that the meme has gone full meta, and people are showing the meme to their mothers.

And you better believe they're making the face.

I HAD TO 😂😂😂😭😂😂😂😂

It's so universal and so pure that the new twist on the meme has spanned across all social media platforms.

Here's a TikTok.

And here's an Instagram video that is, again, just perfect.

At this point, it's gone full circle, and people are just recreating the squinting part.

Sorry, moms, but this is why we love you.

Please share the meme with your own mother and show us the results.

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