Kombucha Girl Is Back With A Spicy Italian Meme

"Giovanni, Tony, Mario, Romeo, get over here!"

You remember that TikTok of the woman trying kombucha for the first time, right?

Of course you do. She's iconic.


Well, Kombucha Girl — whose actual name is Brittany Tomlinson — has continued creating excellent TikToks on her account. She's know for her own spins on memes as well as little sketches, often with comedic accents.

But there's one in particular I'd like to draw your attention to.

Honestly I can't decide what the best part is — the accent? The names? Her giggling at "noodle weenie dogs"? It's all great.

The video has over a million likes and has spawned some *chef's kiss* responses and become a meme in its own right.

Just look at these good boys who want some of Ma's favorite dinner.

Not to mention a whole host of people who were inspired to make their own noodle weenie dogs.

But it gets even better. Like this Google Forms version.

And, best of all, this slideshow presentation.

Never change, Brittany.

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