This Kid Totally Losing It Is All Of Us On A Bad Day

“Get out of here.”

We’ve all been there. You know, those days when nothing is going right, and then, just to top it off, your hair absolutely refuses to cooperate.

As adults, we have to keep it together. But kids? They get to lean into that chaotic energy.

That’s perhaps why so many people are in love with this video of a little girl totally losing it while trying to brush her hair.

If you’re having a bad day, watch this

“Are you okay?”

“Get out of here.”


The girl’s name is Lily, 7, and the person filming the meltdown is Chandlar Schmidt, her nanny of three years.

“We are the best of friends, and we do everything together! We always enjoy each other’s company, whether we are traveling the world, or just doing our daily routine,” Schmidt told BuzzFeed News.

The day the video was recorded, the pair were on vacation in the Bahamas and Lily was brushing her hair, getting ready to go to a water park.

“She was too excited, and her hair was so knotty that it was taking too long so she got frustrated, but it was all lighthearted,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt posted the video on Twitter thinking her friends could get a few laughs, but it has now gone viral, with more than a million likes.

People are finding it all very relatable.

@chandlarschmidt @brockthejock__ Oh wow...I know that exact mood. Back at her age I couldn't express it in words but it's genuinely the distinct frustration that a part of your own body, something that you should have complete control over, is totally not doing what you WANT it to and looking WRONG!

@chandlarschmidt Let’s not all pretend like we haven’t been there. In our big age! Sis is just getting a very early lesson on long hair care 😂

And her quiet “get out of here” was just perfect.

@chandlarschmidt The way she said “get out of here”

@chandlarschmidt Me when she said get out:

“There’s been some hysterical reactions,” said Schmidt.

And yes, Lily’s parents know about the video and are totally fine with it.

“We all know Lily pretty well, she radiates goofy energy like no other, and everyone thinks the video is funny,” said Schmidt.

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