Justin Trudeau Said The Word "Moistly" During A Coronavirus Update And Immediately Regretted It

It was definitely a choice.

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Throughout the novel coronavirus pandemic, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been giving daily updates from outside his home in Ottawa.

Mostly, these are pretty serious, given the situation — but on Tuesday things got weird for one brief, awkward moment.

While talking about the use of protective face masks, Trudeau uttered the word "moistly" and then immediately regretted it.

Here's a clip from CTV News:

Oh man. Trudeau says, on wearing masks, that his understanding is it can be helpful as it prevents you from "breathing or speaking moistly" on others. "Ugh what a terrible image." MOISTLY. Our prime Minister just said "moistly," folks. More: https://t.co/gDsnZulB1L.

"It protects others more than it protects you because it prevents you from breathing or speaking…moistly on them," he said. He then paused and added, "What a terrible image."

It was a rare moment of levity in these otherwise trying times — and soon, "moistly" was on the lips of many Canadians.

Masks prevent you from “speaking moistly on them” is the image none of us needed.

These are strange times we're living in.

Speak moistly and carry a 2m stick.

But really, we needed this.

“People speaking moistly at you...ugh what a terrible image..” -@JustinTrudeau

Even if the word "moistly" makes me want to scream.

Speaking moistly is the opposite of ASMR

But, of course, Twitter is also at peak horniness right now, so this is going all kinds of ways.

For others, this was just a step too far.

Our prime minister said “speaking moistly” on national television I want this pandemic OVER

But at least we all have a reason to come together.

I’m glad that in the face of impending doom we can come together as a country and react to our PM saying “moistly” in the way it deserves. #OhCanada

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