People Are Dragging Influencers Like Addison Rae For Their Barely There Masks

Stars like Addison Rae and Nikita Dragun have been spotted with less than adequate face protection.

Young influencers have gotten a lot of flak during the pandemic, particularly the ones who've chosen to travel or host and attend parties. While many insist they're regularly tested, critics say it's no excuse for partying when residents in cities like Los Angeles have been explicitly told to stay home.

Now, people are also criticizing social media stars like Addison Rae and Nikita Dragun for being spotted in public with masks that are nowhere close to what the CDC recommends.

Rae was recently in New York City for an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. As she left the studio, she posed for pictures with fans, and people noticed her face covering wasn't exactly adequate.


Twitter: @HJSMENU

📲addison rae forgot how to use a mask and decided to use a plastic spoon instead

Twitter: @SbfStruggles

Some people noted it actually looked more like the face shields used to protect the eyes and skin when applying hairspray.

Others mocked the shield on TikTok.


#stitch with @papculture I can’t with these people #mask #foryoupage #foryou #fyp

♬ Obsessed - Addison Rae


#stitch with @papculture BRUH NOT HER MASK I CANT #FindYourCore #addisonre

♬ Obsessed - Addison Rae

Dragun has also been spotted going out and merely holding up a plastic shield when encountering paparazzi and fans.

@NikitaDragun omg you look so good, hope you got a purple proper mask to match this outfit 💜

Twitter: @escorpitch

That inspired some very funny reactions on TikTok.

Singer Lana Dey Rey has also gotten backlash for what appeared to be a mesh mask, although she later said it was lined.

The CDC recommends choosing masks that have at least two layers, completely cover the nose and mouth, and fit snugly enough that air cannot leak.

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