This New "Gossip Girl" Meme Is Exactly The Sort Of Dumb Humor That Will Get Us Through This Strange Time

Go sip, girl!

Gossip Girl has given us so much, both in life and after its demise in 2012. Not only was it a very important teen drama, but it has sparked so many good memes.

The latest one remixes the series' title for a little back-and-forth between Serena and Blair.

Like so:

Is it dumb? Totally.

But is it also amazing? Totally.

According to Know Your Meme, the trend appears to have started on Twitter with this tweet.


This is testing what little sanity I have left

And it's just taken off from there.

Truly it's amazing how many phrases you can make from two simple words.

But people are also getting more creative than that.

There are just so many places to take it.

It's just so easily adaptable.

Team Gigi Goode, loving these Gossip Girl memes

Honestly, this is the exact kind of dumb fun we need right now.

And also the sort of dumb fun that makes the internet so damn good.

And in these strange times, we'll take whatever we can get to stay sane.

these gossip girl memes are what’s keeping me sane during quarantine pls keep making more❤️

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