This Guy Got So Mad At Gillette He Threw His Razor In The Toilet And Now He’s Getting Trolled

But how did he get it out?

In case you somehow missed it, a lot of ~manly men~ are mad at Gillette for making a commercial suggesting they shouldn’t bully, catcall, sexually harass, mansplain, or just generally be a macho jerk.

This was a controversial statement about masculinity because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Anyway. Many of the upset men have threatened a Gillette boycott or otherwise dissed the brand.

But one man in particular took the most delightful step of tossing his Gillette razor in the toilet.

“Goodbye Gillette. Hello Schick,” he wrote, including a photo of his own toilet.

As you might expect, the replies were swift.

@warroom My man here ruining his plumbing because a commercial suggested that maybe he should be nicer.

We need to know — what did he do next?

@warroom Now show us the picture where you fished it out of the toilet because you can't flush a razor

Because he either had to fish it out or try to flush it.

@warroom Don't listen to them! Flush it! Real men don't call plumbers. Lift the toilet out with one arm and install the replacement with the other!!


@warroom You paid for that razor. You now have to put your hand in the toilet to throw that out. You literally owned yourself.

Either way, it’s just wonderful.

nothing says “owning the libs” like taking a picture of your reflection in the toilet

He later clarified he did not flush.

Which can only mean one thing.

@warroom So you had to fish it out? Wow... you showed them.

That’s masculinity, folks!

@warroom The fact that we can see you reflected in the toilet water adds a certain sense of poetry to it all.

BuzzFeed News has contacted the Twitter user for comment.

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