Just Some Very Funny And Good Tweets About Biden's Inauguration

A time for change, a time for memes.

On Wednesday, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez held a concert in Washington, and also Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.

And on this important day, Twitter was at its very best with jokes, memes, and excellent screenshotting.

This is how Twitter captured each and every moment.

Such as Biden's actual swearing-in.

Very cool to include the Cheesecake Factory menu in this special ceremony.

Twitter: @karenehowell

What was happening over on Air Force One.

*cut to Melania on Air Force One* BARRON!

Twitter: @RyanJL

Bernie Sanders just bein' Bernie.

Twitter: @ashleyksmalls
Twitter: @redford

Bernie, on his way to a Stewart’s for coffee, has parked his Subaru on the capitol lawn to briefly attend the inauguration

Twitter: @tai_leclaire

And the Bernie discourse.

Ok so here’s how Bernie could still win (1/65)

Twitter: @catgraffam

Can we please talk about Michelle Obama's outfit?

I think we can also all agree that Michelle’s Belt

Twitter: @cameronjawesome

how it started how its going #Inauguration2021 #Inauguration #Inaugurationday

Twitter: @photosbybeanz83

Scanning the crowd.

not me momentarily thinking this was Kate and Will at the Inauguration... I need more coffee

Twitter: @JarettSays
Twitter: @monicapatel917

The outfits! The coats!

The group chat said: JEWEL TONES. 1/20.

Twitter: @shannboogie

Jennifer Lopez's iconic performance, where she managed to work in "Let's Get Loud."

My cat when JLo broke into “Let’s get Loud” 😂

Twitter: @sarahkaplan48

The K-pop angle.

Twitter: @taeshighnotes

Poet Amanda Gorman's showstopping performance.

Joe Biden did a good job opening for Amanda Gorman

Twitter: @blkahn

And that moment when Donald Trump's term was officially over.

Twitter: @GreggyBennett

Thank you, Michelle Branch.

Don’t worry, I made sure to sing Goodbye To You as Trump flew away ✌🏻

Twitter: @michellebranch

And thank you, America.

"DC's hottest new club is called '46,' and this place has EVERYTHING: Dior 1s, your Grandpa from Vermont in mittens made from plastic bottles, and someone snapping Gaga through the national anthem!"

Twitter: @BNick