Some Hunky Divers Re-Created The "Avengers, Assemble" Scene On TikTok, And It's Made Quite The Splash

TikTok memes, assemble!

Did you even see Avengers: Endgame if you didn't get chills when our heroes came through the portals and assembled for the big battle scene?

Well, some British divers have re-created that scene, and I promise it's just as good.

Check it out.

Pretty good, right? The poise!

Aside from being a cool video, it's also a who's who of diving. The clip above was tweeted by Jack Laugher, playing Doctor Strange, who is an Olympic medalist competing for Great Britain. Next is Dan Goodfellow as Captain America, also an Olympic medalist for Great Britain. Together, they will be competing in Tokyo as synchronized diving partners.

Then it's James Heatly as Spider-Man and Matty Lee as Iron Man. (You may also see Lee in Tokyo for his first Olympic games.) Next it's Yona Knight-Wisdom, seen here as Black Panther, who is a Jamaican diver who trains with the Brits. Finally, Lucas Thomson is Hawkeye, who's on the Great Britain diving squad with Heatly, and Noah Williams is Thor.

The clip was originally posted by Goodfellow on TikTok, but this repost on Twitter now has 20 million views and 1.7 million likes.

Okay this has to be one of the best tiktok videos I’ve seen yet 😭 #avengers

People are into it.

And viewers are having a lot of fun with their imaginations.

@Em_bexxx Okay I realize now that he’s supposed to be Iron Man and he deffo did a perfect impression BUT he was so majestic I just CANT GET THIS OUT OF MY HEAD LMFAO

But the divers aren't the first or last to re-create the Avengers scene using a body of water and a bit of editing.

There are a bunch more on TikTok, and honestly they're all pretty fun to watch.

Everyone is so serious!

Also, this will make you pretty jealous of people who have pools.

So here's one at a lake for good measure.

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