People Are Putting Shaving Cream In Their Crocs For A Very Satisfying Reason

Why is this so good?

If I told you that the combination of Crocs, shaving cream, and feet would somehow make a wonderful thing, you would absolutely not believe me and I would absolutely not blame you.

But, trust me, you should watch this.

There is currently a trend on TikTok of filling a Crocs shoe with shaving cream and then jamming your foot in.

And it is so satisfying.

It's very unclear how this all started and who first got this very strange idea.

But it's just so nice to watch.

It's like pimple popping but far less gross.

And the number of videos seems to have exploded overnight.

It's led people to experiment with other kinds of shoes, too.

Please, TikTok, keep it up.

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