CNN's John King Is Really Stressing People Out On Election Night

The CNN host and his magic screen is having way more "fun" than the rest of us.

On an already tense election night, CNN's John King is busy stressing people out even more.

King is the anchor operating CNN's magic touchscreen map of the presidential election results and providing near-constant commentary on the race. He's also developed some particular catchphrases.

In particular, he's really enjoying calling this whole thing "fun." But no one else is having fun.

Whenever I hear John King say “This is fun”, I imagine this.

“It’s a lot of fun,” John King keeps saying. America:


For many people, watching the election results trickle in isn't so much "fun" as it is a prolonged nightmare.

Nothing but love and respect for John King but this man and I have extremely different interpretations of “fun” and “fascinating”.

john king: this is fun everyone else:

He really likes saying it.

Drinking game: Take a shot every time John King says “this is why elections are fun”

Someone tell John King this isn’t “fun”. This is hell.

What John King says: “This is why #ElectionNight is fun!!!!!!” What I feel:

King also likes the phrase "big dump," which is a choice.

John King just said, AND I QUOTE, “sometimes you get a big dump and it changes everything.” And honestly, yes, John King...Sometimes it does.

John King keeps saying Big Dump, something that I, personally, feel coming

And he's making people hungry.

John King just said it's a "buffet of possibilities" for Joe Biden, and now I wish I had gotten snacks.

"It's a buffet."-John King, on the Magic Board. What kind of buffet, John? We talking Golden Corral, or Bellagio in Vegas buffet?

As if I wasn’t stress eating already, John King is now talking about menus and buffets #Election2020

But if nothing else, people are impressed with the man's stamina.

John King when they finally go to commercial

As analysts have been stressing, we may not know the results of the presidential race for many hours or even days, so here's hoping King has more gas in the tank.

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