This Woman Drew Classic Vines For Inktober And They’re Fresh Like Avocados

Dun dun dunnn dun dun...RUN.

It’s been nearly two years since Vine was unjustly extinguished from our phones and lives. But thankfully, it lives on in our hearts, and in projects like this spectacular Inktober undertaking.

Inktober is a challenge for artists to create something every day through the month of October, and Taylor Reynolds went all in with some mid-aughts nostalgia.

The animator, illustrator, and writer re-created a classic Vines every day on a Post-it Note, such as this gem.


"It's an avocado! Thanks" on a loop for all of eternity = better than guac. Happy #NationalAvocadoDay

And it’s pretty awesome, my dudes.


It is Wednesday my dudes aaaaaaaaaaAAAAA

“Strangely enough, I wasn’t an avid Vine-watcher when the app was most popular,” Reynolds told BuzzFeed News.

She actually got into Vines via YouTube, where there’s now a ton of compilation videos with names like “Clean Vines you can show your grandparents” and “10 minutes of medium rare Vines that cured my eczema.

“My roommates and I would put on these Vine compilations while we hung out or ate dinner, moving from RIP VINE with the really famous ones to the more obscure to find new content,” she told BuzzFeed News.

When Inktober rolled around, it was a no-brainer.

#Inktober Day 5.....boogie woogie woogie @gabegundacker

“I made a huge list of Vines I liked and started to work down that list,” said Reynolds.

Like so many of us, Reynolds loves the bite-size nature of Vines.

“You can say ‘An avocado...’ in a certain voice and someone will probably respond, ‘THAAAANKS.’ That’s pretty crazy,” she said.

#Inktober Day 8..............LIPSTICK???? 💄👛

“They’re teeny tiny moments that a whole bunch of people decided were funny enough to pass on. They’re bite-size little nuggets of joy.”

#Inktober Day 10............ and they were ROOMMATES

Some of her favorites include “Marlene your speech was so good.”

#Inktober Day 9.......when Marlene's speech was SO good

And this woman throwing a jug of milk.

People are loving Reynold’s Post-its and have been responding to their favorite Vines.

#Inktober Day 22 .............. he's going to get in trouble

“I think my favorite part of people interacting with my Vines was people responding with the punchline of the Vine, which I tried to leave out of the captions for this purpose,” she said.

“I would post ‘He's going to get in trouble’ and people would reply with ‘zACH stOP’ and that made my day.”

Reynolds isn’t the first to doodle Vines. Earlier this year, another Twitter illustrator made these wonderful creations.

Reynolds hadn’t seen them before so it was just a happy coincidence, and the more Vines the merrier!

You can see the rest of Reynold’s fantastic sketches on her Twitter profile.

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