People Are Throwing Cheese On Their Dogs And Honestly It's So Great

"Fuck beer pong, we playin dog cheese."

Please stop what you're doing and immediately find a slice of cheese and throw it on the closest available dog.

Fuck beer pong, we playin dog cheese

Twitter: @BlargMyShnoople

Because it's great. Truly great.

This ~trend~ was started by Matthew Elias, a video editor in Windsor, Ontario.

"I’ve been throwing cheese at stuff and laughing about it since I was a kid, so naturally once I ran out of inanimate objects to throw cheese on I thought I’d see if my dog could catch it," he told BuzzFeed News. "Which he kind of did."

His very unbothered dog is named Charlie.

This, naturally, got other people to start throwing cheese on their dogs.

Which, tbh, is a great use.

Some dogs were quite confused.

Some dogs were quicker than others.

@BlargMyShnoople @BigJigglyPanda This is Phase 2

But they all got cheese treats, so this is really a win-win.

There were also fun variations, such as cat tortilla.

@BlargMyShnoople I see your dog cheese and raise you cat tortilla

And cheese reptile.

@BlargMyShnoople I felt mean but then I remembered she likes to fling herself off the bed so she’s definitely unbothered

Cheese: What can't it do?

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