This Cat Named Carrot Has Gone Viral For Getting His Little Paws In The Fridge

Carrot is a very handsome, very mischievous boy.

This is Carrot, a very handsome boy who's become famous online for sticking his paw into a fridge.

Carrot lives with his humans, Rachel Zardus and Andrew Taylor, in Maryland. He was found as a kitten at a gas station and taken in by the couple's good friend who works at an animal hospital. Zardus and Taylor took Carrot in to foster and quickly fell in love, adopting him soon after.

"Neither of us have ever had a cat, but for some reason I just really loved the name Carrot for a cat," Zardus told BuzzFeed News.

Carrot also came with a big personality.

"He’s really smart. He loves to play. He’s obsessed with playing. If we try to engage him, even if he’s sleepy or just sitting there, he responds," said Zardus.

"He loves food, he’s really food-driven. We feed him three times a day. His breakfast comes from an auto feeder, but he cries for his first dinner and he cries for his second dinner," added Taylor.

Sometimes that playful spirit can cause trouble, such as his new favorite game of sticking his hand through the space between the fridge and the fridge door.

"He likes to stick his arm through the door as a game and grab whatever he can reach and just claw at us in the fridge so we can play back with him," said Zardus.

And that's how this now-viral photo was taken.

Just look at this little sneak.

The couple originally posted the photo on Carrot's Instagram and then on the Cats Are Assholes subreddit. It got some decent interaction there, but it really blew up as people took the photo and reshared it across the internet, racking up millions of likes and views.

Don't worry, though — the sign is mostly a joke. Zardus and Taylor have never actually closed the fridge door on Carrot's arm; they keep tabs on him so it's not a problem.

"If he’s awake, we pretty much know where he is," said Zardus.

And he's not reaching for the celery; he's just being playful. However, he loves food. Especially human food.

"The other morning I stepped away from my desk for a couple of minutes, and I came back and caught him eating my yogurt," said Taylor.

As for Carrot, he has no idea he's now famous.

"It’s been funny. He has no idea, obviously, but it’s funny that all these people have seen him now," said Zardus.

"He has such a big personality, and he’s so cute and handsome. He’s an exceptionally good-looking cat. It’s funny that he’s now gone viral."

You can keep up with Carrot's antics on his Instagram.

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