This Teen Pranked Her Dad With Jimin From BTS And His Reaction Was Adorable

For the love of Jimin.

This is Molly and her dad. Recently, Molly pranked him in a way only a BTS fan could.

Molly (who didn't want her last name used) is home from college visiting her dad.

Molly happens to be a huge BTS fan, and her bias, which is what K-pop fans call their favorite, is Jimin.

Jimin is the fella with silver hair.

BTS is one of the ways Molly bonds with her dad. He sort of jokes about it, but she knows he loves them too.

"BTS has this reality show, and I sometimes force him to watch it with me," Molly told BuzzFeed News. "It’s just a joke between us that he doesn’t like them just because it’s a crazed girl thing."

Molly's dad had to go on a business trip to Germany, and that gave her ample opportunity for a delicious prank.

my dad left on a business trip claiming he needed a break from bts and jimin so i made sure that when he gets home he will see jimin’s face everywhere he goes

Molly got a bunch of photos of Jimin and started putting them up around her dad's house.

She got pretty creative with their placement.

Molly's dad arrived home last night, and that's when the magic began.

yall... he found the first one... he still doesnt know that this is the first of MANY

"He just wanted to see you!"

But little did he know there was more Jimin in store.

he just walked into his bathroom... now we wait

update: he found the bathroom ones and now hes searching... we going✈️DOWN streaks

"Then he saw the Jimin card on the toilet, then the mirror, then the light. And he sort of got that it was a joke, so he went searching for them," said Molly.

Adorably, you can tell he's quite enjoying the Jimin hunt.

update: he now knows that jimin personally told me that he loves my dad and told me to place the photocards around the house,,, dont kill the messenger dad🤠🤙

"Dad, Jimin loves you!"

DHSJSH MY DAD JUST THREATENED TO TWEET PICTURES OF THE PHOTOCARDS HDSJGS im blessing him with jimin’s beautiful face AND content smh

"He kept threatening me that he was going to tweet the pictures out, but what he didn’t know is that I had a whole thread already going," said Molly.

The sweetest part is that Molly's dad hasn't even taken the photos down.

my dad when he opens his toliet seat and sees a jimin photocard

"I’m a college student, so I’m only home for break. So I think it’s just a way for him to remember how annoying I am when I’m gone," said Molly. "He’s a great dad."

Her Twitter thread now has thousands of likes and people saying they want to prank their own parents in the same way.

"I hope they do. The more BTS the merrier."

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