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This Bride Invited Everyone To Wear Their Old Wedding Dresses To Her Wedding

And it was a hit!

Posted on February 7, 2019, at 1:24 p.m. ET

Victoria Kait/Circumpunct Studios

When Audrey Moore got engaged, she knew she didn't want a traditional wedding.

"We really wanted our wedding to really represent ourselves, our sense of humor, our creativity, and also not just celebrate ourselves but marriage in general as a choice," she told BuzzFeed News.

You might recognize Moore from your TV โ€” she's an actor who's appeared on Godless, Better Call Saul, and a bunch of other stuff.

On Dec. 30, she married writer Jesse Lumen and their wedding was delightfully unconventional.

For one, they invited women attendees to rewear their own wedding dresses.

Victoria Kait/Circumpunct Studios

"I've been to all of their weddings and I saw them all in their beautiful dresses," said Moore. "I wanted them to have the opportunity to wear their really magical, beautiful dress a second time."

When she asked her bridal party if they would be down for the idea, everyone was completely on board.

Some wore their own, while others borrowed from friends or family. Moore said the most magical part was that everyone getting ready like a bride on the big day.

"It was like watching a group of princesses come to life," she said.

Her husband then posted photos of the wedding to Reddit, where the dresses and concept were a huge hit.

Reddit / Via

"We thought it was sad that most women only get to wear their wedding dress once, so we invited all the women coming to our non-traditional wedding to wear their old wedding dresses again!" Lumen wrote.

As for Moore, she wore a custom-made ice blue princess gown that perfectly translated to an Elsa look later in the night.

Victoria Kait/Circumpunct Studios

Keeping with the nontraditional theme, the groom and his party wore matching tux hoodies.

Victoria Kait/Circumpunct Studios

And many of the other guests even came in costume.

The couple said the officiant even did the ceremony Mad Libsโ€“style with input from the audience, and instead of flowers, the wedding was decorated with piรฑatas.

Victoria Kait/Circumpunct Studios

"We had such a good time," said Moore. "We really wanted it to be sweet and also just taken seriously in the love for each other but not taken so seriously in any sort of pomp and circumstance."