This Indian Bride Snow Woman Is Just Too Beautiful

~Who is she~

This is Jassu Kingra, on the right, with her little sisters Navi and Bini. They are brains behind a truly beautiful snow creation.

Say hello to Farah the Snow Jatti, who is currently taking over the internet with her frosty good looks.

Jassu told BuzzFeed News that it all started with her friend Daljit, who arrived in Brampton, Ontario, from India last April.

And voila! She's just gorgeous.

Jassu posted photos on Instagram, but Juliet really found the spotlight when one of Jassu's friends tweeted about her.

Forget Frosty the snowman we got Farah the snow Jatti up in here

People are loving it.

@isha__singh__ @maysoonkhann Let it gooooo Let it gooooo

And had all sorts of suggestions for names.

Others had more pressing concerns.

@isha__singh__ @jvrnnz All I can think is that somebody’s mom is about to come out with a chappal for ruining that dupatta/taking that jewelry out in the snow

Daljit told her family back home all about her creation's viral fame, and Jassu said they're very proud of her.

Now the girls are just waiting for another snowfall to make Juliet her very own Romeo.

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