This Hero Of A Boyfriend Did His Girlfriend's Skin Care Routine While She Was Passed Out

This is love.

I'm sure your boyfriend is fine or whatever, but has he ever done your skin care routine after you partied too hard?

Earlier this month, Silverio fell asleep in the car after a night out that included a "few drinks." Sagario not only got her to bed — he made sure her skin would still be glowing in the morning.

He’s a keeper if he does your skincare routine when u dead ✨

And he didn't half-ass it: We're talking toner. We're talking moisturizer. We're talking eye cream.

Sagario even used cleansing micellar water.

@maratreibs @sarahjmartens He did! Using micellar water 😊

"The next day I woke up with my face feeling fresh and smooth like a baby’s butt," Silverio told BuzzFeed News. "When I checked my phone, I saw pictures of him doing my skin care while I was passed out."

People are now as in love with Sagario as Silverio is.

"Bruh [oh] god if I find a man to do this I'll marry him."

"I found it sooooo sweet that he did my skin care for me," said Silverio. "SKIN CARE IS LIFE, LADIES. Find you a man that gets it like mine does."

He even put Cuticle conditioner on my toe nails LOL

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