The New Host Of “Blue’s Clues” Knows You Think He’s A Hottie And He’s Very Flattered

People on Twitter have never been thirstier for a children’s TV host.

When the new host of the upcoming Blue’s Clues revival was announced, people were super excited to see some Filipino representation.

And now, they’re also super excited because it turns out that Joshua Dela Cruz, who will be the face of Blue’s Clues & You, is a grade-A hottie.

People on Twitter discovered Dela Cruz’s Instagram pictures, and the thirsting began.

The replies honestly got really NSFW.

Dela Cruz told BuzzFeed News he was filming all day and his phone kept “blowing up,” but he only caught bits and pieces of the thirstfest.

“From the little bits I’ve gathered, it’s positive,” he said.

“It’s definitely flattering. It is a little weird only because you don’t think in your life you’ll ever get this kind of exposure.”

He was especially amused by the rhyming in this tweet:

“They’re very clever,” Dela Cruz said.

He’s also just really excited for the new show to launch in November.

“I’m super pumped,” he said. “My relationship with Blue’s Clues is a little bit embarrassing because I was definitely not the target demographic when they released the show in the ’90s,” he said.

Dela Cruz said he used to watch the show with his younger sister during sleepovers at his aunt’s house, who had cable TV.

“What’s crazier about this time around is when the show first came out there wasn’t any social media, and now we have a second audience because the kids who watched the show growing up have kids now,” he said.

But Dela Cruz said he’s happy that people will be watching and learning, no matter what drew them in.

The last thing he expected was to be trending on social media, but here we are.

“I never, ever thought that I would trend on Twitter in any capacity,” he said.

“So thank you to everyone who’s keeping this story alive, and in my old age I’ll look back at the fond day that I was trending as a thirst trap on Twitter.”

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