29 Of The Best TikTok Memes And Trends Of 2018

Come with me to a strange land of Fortnite dances.

If you’ve been sleeping on TikTok, you’ve been missing out.

TikTok is like if Musical.ly and Vine had a baby, and the baby was into cosplay and doing Fortnite dances. It’s evolved from just lip-synching to having its own culture of memes, trends, and stars.

New memes are created on TikTok on almost a daily basis, so this list is by no means exhaustive, but here are some of the funnest trends from 2018.

1. I wanna be Tracer

This meme starts with a cute little duet about the video game Overwatch. It was mostly being done by young women, which led a bunch of ~gamer boys~ to start accusing them of being fake gamers (what year is it?).

Fast-forward, and it turned into people using random objects as headphones and controllers.

Some of them were pretty funny, though.

2. Hit or miss

This one became so popular it literally haunts my dreams. It blew up thanks to the entry from a UK-based teen named Georgia Twinn (above). The song is pretty adult-rated in its full version, but the clip is intentionally PG-13.

Georgia’s version inspired a lot of duets.

Then the cosplay version came along.

And that sparked a whole new wave of copycats.

3. It’s Britney, bitch

Basically you wear yellow and do a little dance. Fun!

4. Juice, sauce, little bit of dressing

Honestly I don’t know how to explain this one.

5. Choose your character

A riff on the Smash Bros. character selection screen, except way more fun.

6. Howdy

This all started with a video from the user @blackladder (above). It quickly evolved into a go-to duet chain.

7. Who do I look like?

Fun with Google Images.

8. No hands

The challenge with this one is to include both your hands in the video while somehow holding and/or balancing your phone.

9. Ways to say “dame”

In this trend, you lip-synch to a cute Japanese song that has you say “dame” in different tones.

10. I baked you a pie

Yeah, I don’t even know.

11. Eat on the beat

This one is pretty straightforward, but fun!

12. Good golly

This spooky Betty Boop duet popped up around Halloween.

13. Rockefeller Street

For reasons I don’t quite know, this 2011 song by Estonian singer Getter Jaani is one of the most popularly used songs on TikTok. The trend is to make a dancing duet chain, either with yourself or others.

14. Can I have a peppermint?

The song is “Peppermint” by Jack Stauber and the meme also has a sequel.

15. Paper chain

It’s basically revealing different messages to the beat of a song.

16. The paper reveal

The little cousin of the paper chain.

17. This guy. Just this guy.

I don’t know who he is but I love him.

18. How many shrimp

Possibly the most wholesome entry on this list, this trend involves patting your cat to the beat of “Flamingo” by Kero Kero Bonito.

19. Turn your face towards the sun

This artistic meme involves drawing something crappy, zooming in, then zooming out to reveal something amazing.

20. Devil Town

A cute lil’ trend that used a series of filters to recreate the song “Devil Town” by Cavetown.

21. Zoom!

Lil Yachty inspired this one, where you pretend to get into a car then zoom on out of there.

22. Pretend instruments

This started with people using random objects like combs to pretend to play “Stand by Me,” but then it turned into so much more.

23. The kick change

Mostly a way to show how stylish you are.

24. She’s on top of me

This got especially good when pets got involved.

25. Full House opening


26. Beat to the beat

TikTok actually has a pretty large beauty community, which was the force behind this trend.

27. Plug walk

Simply pull your phone charger along the ground, reverse the video, and boom: pet plug.

28. Viners turning to TikTok

They’re restless, OK?

29. Baby shark

There is no escape.

Stay weird, TikTok!

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