This Ballet Teacher Was Interrupted By Her Cat During An Online Class And It's Exactly What We Need Right Now

Good job, Aurora!

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot about how we work lately, and it's no different for dance teachers like Amelia Love Clearheart.

Clearheart, who lives in Seattle, has been teaching ballet and other types of dance for 15 years. Given the spread of the coronavirus, she's had to start doing her lessons online through streaming and prerecorded video.

But her first lesson will be the most memorable thanks to a special guest appearance from her cat, Aurora.

Last week, Clearheart was trying to record a lesson for her Ballet 4 class, which is 10- to 14-year-old dancers.

Clearheart is used to Aurora hanging out and weaving between her feet.

"Aurora and I move like that all day long. She walks through my feet all day long," Clearheart told BuzzFeed News.

"We have a flawless flow."

The video made its way online, and Aurora's final flourish makes the whole thing a little moment of joy.

The higher quality video that went viral of Aurora the cat and Amelia the ballet teacher, remote dance lessons with a surprise finish!

Clearheart said Aurora, whom she adopted a year and a half ago, has never leaped into her arms like that. But, she said, Aurora is a very attuned cat and just knew what was needed in the moment.

"That was all about her being awesome," she said.

"For me, this is about cats being cats, but it's also about humans having our needs met by animals. They’re saving people."

Clearheart posted the video on her own Instagram and Facebook pages, but it really took off when her brother posted it to r/aww on Reddit, where it quickly reached the front page. And people are enjoying it because there's so much love in the video.

"That cat is loved," said one commenter.

"Made me grin from ear to ear. Very sweet and heart-warming. Both are adorable!" said another.

Clearheart said she's actually pretty wary of social media, but she's warming up to it after seeing the impact her moment with Aurora is having at a moment when people are so anxious.

"This is the best thing that could have happened because my constant desire is to let people know they’re loved," she said.

"I certainly needed it. I get my love from my cats. They’re taking care of that part of me right now."

You can find more of Aurora on Instagram @aurora_thekitten.

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