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Nintendo Didn't Make An "Animal Crossing" Announcement And Fans Are Losing It

We're all the mayor of Feelings Town.

Posted on February 14, 2019, at 12:19 p.m. ET

Nintendo Direct's broadcast on Wednesday brought a ton of exciting announcements for gamers.

Nintendo / Via

Super Mario Maker 2! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update! A Zelda remake!

But very noticeably absent was absolutely any information about one of Nintendo's most beloved franchises, Animal Crossing.


Here's the thing β€” we know a new Animal Crossing title is set to be released in 2019.

So where are the goods, Nintendo?

People are capital-U Upset.

Every single Animal Crossing fan right now. #NintendoDirect

What's the deal, Nintendo?

Animal crossing fandom be like #NintendoDirect

This is just rude.

me seeing the news about link’s awakening but no animal crossing date announced #NintendoDirect

Do you want Isabelle to cry? Do you?

No Animal Crossing announcements in that #NintendoDirect

Can we get Resetti out here to fix this egregious oversight?

The Switch has been out nearly two years and we still don't have a new Animal Crossing.

Please, I will trade all my bells for some info.

Animal Crossing fans @ #NintendoDirect right now

But we'll get through this, okay?

But remember, fans, bad times...are just times that are bad.