This Is Exactly How You're Feeling On Election Night, As Told By Emojis

We asked BuzzFeed News readers to tell us their election feelings using just emojis.

BuzzFeed News readers are using emojis to answer questions about midterm Election Day, and the results are 😬 🔥 🙈.

The top feeling on this decisive day is 😬, followed by 🙏. Which sounds about right.

Others were unfortunately too young to vote, were feeling a little sweaty, or were coping with a few drinks.

People also had creative ways of telling us which state they're from. Florida chimed in the most consistently with ☀️.

Iowa 🌽, California 🌊, and New York 🗽 also checked in.

Mostly, people just want America to ❤️ and 🌈 again.

Also: some brains, some peace, and some LGBT goodness.

When it comes to problems to solve, 🔫 was the highest response by a landslide.

Also high on the list were health care, the economy, the environment, and LGBT rights.

The best thing about the US is its people, but specifically 👩 and 🌈.

People also pointed to diversity, freedom, and food. At least one person just didn't know.

George Washington would feel pretty 😡, 🤢, and 😱 about what the government is today.

The general consensus is he wouldn't be very happy.

As for President Trump's time in office so far, the favorite response was a pile of 💩.

But also golf, ~Space Force~, and dreams of fleeing to Canada.

Finally, when it comes to 2016 vs. 2018, our feelings are all over the place.

Some people want a blue wave, some people want to keep things red, but mostly we're all just hoping for the best.

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