Russia Gave France A Puppy To Show Solidarity After The Paris Attacks

The dog is intended to take the place of Diesel, a police dog who died in a raid in Paris after the attacks.

Russia has sent France a puppy as a token of solidarity following the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris on Nov. 13 and the death of a Belgian police dog.

"The puppy will be given to France in solidarity with the French people and the police in the fight against terrorism," a note posted on the Russian Interior Ministry's Facebook page read.

The puppy is named Dobrynia, "in honour of the Russian epic hero Dobrynya, who is the embodiment of strength, goodness, valor, and selfless assistance," the ministry said.

In a letter to the French government explaining the gift, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev said that the shepherd puppy was donated by Russian police dog handlers in honour of Diesel, a dog that died during a raid in Paris in on Wednesday where three terrorists suspected to be involved in the attacks were killed.

"I ask you to accept from Russia's police dog handlers this shepherd puppy, who will be able to take his place in the ranks of Diesel, your dog who died doing his duty," Kolokoltsev wrote, according to MailOnline.

Les chiens d'assaut et de recherche d'explosifs: indispensables dans les missions des opérateurs du #RAID

After French police announced that Diesel had been "killed by terrorists" on Wednesday, the hashtag #JeSuisChien began trending.

Hommage entre chiens A Diesel... #JeSuisChien

People tweeted pictures of their dogs as a mark of solidarity, accompanied by the hashtag which translates as "I am dog".

#JeSuisChien is modelled after the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag from January's Charlie Hebdo attacks.

The Russian ministry also used the hashtag on its Facebook post announcing the gift.

The French government and police service are yet to officially respond.

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