Beyoncé Played Coachella And It Shall Now Be Known As "Beychella"

"#Beychella is the performance of the decade and the one after that and so on."

Once upon a time there was a little music festival in the desert named Coachella.

Over the years Coachella has had many stars, but it has never had a queen...

Until now.

Beyoncé brought all her Beyoncé magic and then some to her highly anticipated Saturday night slot at the music festival in Southern California.

The attention to detail on the costumes was truly outstanding.

And so now, as would only be respectful to the Queen, Coachella shall henceforth be known as "Beychella."

It’s not Coachella anymore it’s now called #BEYCHELLA

Happy BEYCELLA day to you and yours! May your stress levels be high and wigs be snatched 💃🏾🎉

During her spectacular set as the first black woman headliner at Coachella, Beyoncé had an important message.

Beyonce is unapologetically black and she isn’t afraid to remind you! #Beychella

“The most disrespected woman in America is a black woman, the most un protected person in America is a black woman, the most neglected person in America is a black woman” #Beychella

This is absolutely masterful. Hands down one of the most magnificent live performances of all time. And it is unequivocally, unapologetically Black. #Beychella.

Which, at a festival that is considered to be very white, was especially powerful.

I've been to #Coachella twice. Black attendees are few and far between. I never imagined I'd see, at this festival, the type of content Beyonce and her team curated. Yet, here we are. #Beycella

All these white hipsters at Coachella right now during #Beychella Beyoncé

Fam. The Black National Anthem. Malcolm X quotes. Nina Simone samples. Stepping and marching bands. Jigga for the deja vu. A Destiny’s Child reunion. A Solange dance collabo. The greatest living entertainer is a Black woman named Beyonce. This is not up for debate. #Beychella

Bey slayed.

There was a glorious squat interlude with her sister, Solange.

Beyoncé & Solange doing squats is EVERYTHING! #BeyChella

It was a cute parallel to Bey's cameo when Solange played Coachella in 2014.

Solange brought Beyoncé out for her #Coachella set in 2014. Now Bey has done the same. Cuties 😭

Honestly, it was mesmerizing.

Can we acknowledge how Solange and Bey ATE this routine ?!?!

And then we got a sweet hit of DC3 with the arrival of Kelly and Michelle.

DC3 did what? THAT!!! #BeyChella


Jay-Z dropped by.

Some found it downright spiritual.

This is truly a spiritual experience! #BEYCHELLA

It was called "the performance of the decade."

#Beychella is the performance of the decade and the one after that and so on

Rihanna was getting down right in the front row.


British singer Adele interrupted her usually sparse Instagram feed with not one but three appreciation posts for Bey's show from home.

It was a very emotional affair for those who got to witness the magic IRL.

Srsly, look at her.

God save the Queen.

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