Transgender People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Transitions And It's Gorgeous

"We don't have to hide, you know?"

Transgender people are using the hashtag #MomentsInTransition to talk about the times in their transition that made them feel awesome.

#momentsintransition when u finally start getting comfortable in dresses after ur dreams become reality!! livin FREE

Canadian teenager Gabrielle Diana started the hashtag after posting on Instagram about how transitioning had changed her life.

The 17-year-old from Ottawa told BuzzFeed News she started the hashtag because she wanted transgender people to celebrate their journeys.

"In the trans community I've seen a lot of people always looking for what they WANT to be in the future, which is totally understandable," Gabrielle said.

"I think it's important to look back on defining moments in our transitions and really give ourself props, because it's so important that we recognise our hard work and let it really be noticed."

A bunch of transgender people have jumped on the hashtag to share stories and photos.

#momentsintransition when you first cut your hair 💚💚

And the pictures are so darn happy and great.

#momentsintransition when you finally get clothes that you feel comfortable in/match ur gender 💜

And show young transgender people owning their stories.

#momentsintransition these pictures are all from my junior year when I started to transition to now ✨

A lot of people say being able to wear clothes they feel comfortable in was a huge step.

#momentsintransition when you finally wear what you want, and not what you're forced to wear

Like putting on a dress.

#momentsintransition when you start feeling comfortable enough to wear the clothes that you identify with

Or getting your first binder.


Haircuts are big too.

#momentsintransition haircuts r cool and also i started t almost two months ago which is pretty amazing

While others pointed to the first day they stepped out as themselves. Or when they started to feel like they saw themselves.

#momentsintransition when you start looking less 12 and more u

Or just felt more comfortable in their own skin.

#momentsintransition finally feeling comfortable in your own skin (looking more masculine/feminine) ❤️

All the #MomentsInTransition pride is making everyone super happy.

this is such a cute tag y'all are so beautiful I'm so happy for u #momentsintransition 💖💖💖

Gabrielle told BuzzFeed News she felt like everyone sharing their stories showed the future is "bright, big and full of so much opportunity".

"We see so much oppression and violence in the trans community but these moments in transition are defining for who we are," she said.

"It's our way of saying, these are moments in our transition that defined us even more, and we are gonna wear these moments for our own desire, not to please anyone else."

"We don't have to hide, you know?"

#momentsintransition pretending to be a girl and hiding any masculinity, to a cute, out, happy trans boy

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