This Might Be The Lamest Interview With Donald Trump So Far

"You're called all the time a really great television producer. Is that true?"

After the Republican National Convention, Mark Halperin of Showtime's "The Circus" conducted an interview with Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Halperin's questions were pretty lame.

1. "Just tell me your overall view of how the week was for you personally. Not politics — personally."

2. "Talk more specifically why your parents would be proud of this."

3. "Whenever I ask you to talk about your feelings...and you quickly veer off."

4. "You're in the history books now. Personally, do you get satisfaction out of that?"

5. "What are the memories do you think that will stick with you?"

6. "You're called all the time a really great television producer. Is that true?"

7. "Did you have any conversations with people this week that are memorable to you?"

8. "Are you looking forward to their (Democratic) convention at all?"

9. "I'm eager to see what your speech did. It should be pretty good."

10. "This week you were more the center of attention really than you've ever been in your whole life. What did that feel like?"

11. "Talk specifically about the convention experience."

12. "For four days on the news, it's TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP."

13. "Are there any other moments in the convention that stand out to you?"

14. "Any update on the audit of your tax returns?"

15. Nope.

16. "Last question: What are things that you hope people learned about you this week that they didn't know before?"

17. Watch Halperin's riveting questioning here:

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