Here's Hillary Clinton Ordering A Chicken Bowl At Chipotle

But did she order guac?

Hillary Clinton is currently on her way to Iowa for her first campaign stop. Along the way, she stopped at a Chipotle in Maumee, Ohio.

Here's the security footage:

Spotted: @HillaryClinton ordering Chipotle in Ohio, security footage (and Clinton aide) confirms. (ht @jasonvolack)

Hillary Clinton stays at Chipotle for 45 minutes and ordered the chicken bowl with guacamole.

The image emerged after The New York Times asked the manager if Clinton had in fact ordered at that location.

Manager Charles Wright at Chipotle wasn't aware clinton was There till I called him. He pulled the security photo

At long last, Hillary Clinton has finally answered the question we asked more than a year ago: Has she ever eaten at Chipotle?

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