There's A Crazy-Weird Visual Clue At The End Of The "GoT" Finale

These White Walkers really aren't messing around. (WARNING: Spoilers ahead!)

So, something pretty major happened in the last scene of the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale. And if you don't want to be spoiled, then don't read any further. Spoilers ahead!

Back to that major thing that went down: Remember when the undead version of Viserion (Dany's dragon that died and turned into a member of the Night King's army) destroyed the wall separating the White Walkers from the rest of Westeros?

Westeros: The wall has been there for 8,000 years. It should keep out the white walkers Night King: Hold my Beer…

It was a pretty chaotic scene.

And as the undead started to head into Westeros, it looks like they marched in a pretty specific shape.

Is that image familiar to anyone?

Look a little closer.

It appears that the White Walkers may have formed a Stark sigil, a direwolf, at the end of the scene.

Fans are shook.

The dead appear to form the Stark sigil at the end of 'The Dragon and the Wolf' #GameofThrones

@CitadelSecrets Do these trooping Others/White Walkers look like they're making the Stark sigil S7E7 01:15:03 🤔

And some people are even going so far as to say it's a sign that young Brandon "Don't Call Me Brandon Stark, Call Me The Three-Eyed Raven" Stark is actually the Night King.

BRANDON STARK IS THE NIGHT KING! Proof: The Stark Sigil. #GameofThronesS7Finale #GameOfThrones #GoT

When someone points out the white walkers crossed the wall in the shape of the Stark Sigil 😳💥🐺#BranIsNightKing…

I guess winter really is here.

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