This Video Series Featuring Sarah Silverman And Lena Dunham Aims To Destigmatize Therapy

"Everyone has their own, totally different, unique, relationship with their therapist, and has a very specific experience."

Filmmakers and friends Alex Karpovsky (who you may know as Ray from Girls) and Teddy Blanks have recently teamed up on a web series called Shrink, which is trying to destigmatize the way people think about therapy.

When collaborating together, they use the name Spielbergs (which is also the name of their website).

The series features six separate videos of artists talking about their personal experiences with therapy in two minutes. Comedian Sarah Silverman is the subject of one video, premiering exclusively on BuzzFeed.

"It's changed my life. I have a therapist who I owe so much of the best of me to," Silverman said. "It can give you so much if you're open to it."

Lena Dunham appears in another two-minute video, also exclusively premiering on BuzzFeed.

"My therapist is the first person who really pointed out to me how much of my life I was living in service of other people's perceptions of me," Dunham said.

Karpovsky told BuzzFeed News he came up with the idea for the series after having a conversation with a mutual friend at a bar. The friend was struggling to explain his therapy experience, so Karpovsky asked him to try and do it in a succinct two minutes.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

"After thinking about it for a second, he was able to tell a really tight, moving, funny self-deprecating, insightful, and vulnerable narrative about his epiphany," he said. "That experience, even though it was so fleeting, stayed with me for a few days and I told Teddy about it. He was like, 'Maybe there’s something there.'"

Blanks explained that he and Karpovsky are both "obsessed" with the idea of therapy, and in 2016 they even made another short film about it. Their own experiences also informed the making of the series.

"Nobody in my family went to therapy; it wasn’t something that was presented as an option until I got to New York City and met all of these people that were in it," Blanks said. "And then when I was 25, a series of very tragic things happened to the people in my life and directly to me. I went into therapy and within a couple of years, it completely changed the way I thought about myself, what I was doing, and how I was dealing with things."

The filmmakers are currently looking for a partner to make a second season of the series. "Everyone has their own, totally different, unique, relationship with their therapist, and has a very specific experience," Blanks said. "It’s interesting to hear about the range of experiences one can have."

All of the episodes in Shrink will stream on, Karpovsky and Blanks's website, on Sept. 25.