Did You Like The "Making Oprah" Podcast? We're Getting A New One On Obama!

"Maybe a story like mine could've happened someplace else. My story couldn't have happened anywhere else," Barack Obama said in the podcast preview.

In November 2016, the world was blessed when WBEZ Chicago gifted us with the Making Oprah podcast, detailing the rise of Oprah Winfrey and offering a behind-the-scenes look at her iconic TV show.

A LOT of people began talking again about the show, which was hosted by Jennifer White, after Oprah's Golden Globes speech earlier this month, which prompted some speculation she might run for president.

The only thing I have to add to the Oprah discussion is that everyone should listen to the Making Oprah podcast, wh… https://t.co/gtRbeXHQIy

If you have not listened to Making Oprah yet NOW IS THE TIME. https://t.co/WC8zKHpFSc

Fiiiiinally getting around to listening to the Making Oprah podcast and gosh it's brilliant. https://t.co/h4OhUBlA0w

Sadly, the podcast was only three episodes long. But fear not, we're finally getting another series, but this time WBEZ is giving us Making Obama.

Last time we brought you #MakingOprah. On February 8th we drop the first episode of #MakingObama from @WBEZ .… https://t.co/0BeVzfOUHZ

Much like Making Oprah, this new show will explore Barack Obama's rise and how he became the first black president of the United States. It will include interviews with people like Jesse Jackson, speechwriter Jon Favreau, and even Obama himself.

"Politics can be complicated and subtle, but sometimes it's really simple," Obama told White in a preview of the podcast released Friday.

"Is he street enough? Is he down enough? Is he a front for the powers that be?" he said of the obstacles he had to overcome.

"Maybe a story like mine could've happened someplace else. My story couldn't have happened anywhere else," Obama said of Chicago.

Podcast fans were pretty darn excited by Friday's news.


1) Making Oprah was amazing 2) I would listen to Obama read a phone book. 3) There is no way this can go wrong. https://t.co/JLKP2RHzar

I loved Making Oprah, so looking forward to hearing this! https://t.co/3Dh7RXXTAG

Making Obama will be released on Feb. 8.

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