Season 2 Of Netflix’s “On My Block” Is Back On March 29 And It Looks Like Ruby’s Alive

It also looks like Olivia, played by Ronni Hawk, might be dead.

Netflix’s On My Block, a series about a group of teenagers growing up in in the fictional inner city of Freeridge, California, is officially coming back for Season 2 on March 29.

In a new teaser trailer released Thursday, fans got a sneak peek at what’s to come for Monse (Sierra Capri), Jamal (Brett Gray), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), and Ruby (Jason Genao).

We back fam and there's somethin we gotta tell u: season 2 drops march 29 💰

When we left off on the Season 1 finale, viewers watched as Ruby and his crush Olivia (Ronni Hawk) were shot at her quinceañera. The episode leaves off with the two lying on the ground and two ambulances rushing off to the hospital, with no clarity or certainty about either character’s fate.

One year after the cliffhanger episode, fans finally have some answers. The trailer shows Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) crying and upset as she walks up to a sidewalk memorial complete with flowers, candles, teddy bears, and framed photos of a young girl.

Even though the memorial doesn’t explicitly show Olivia, the character doesn’t make an appearance in the trailer at all, and fans online seem to think she’s dead.

We also see Monse helping Cesar put on a black button-down shirt; he appears to be bruised and in pain, like he was just beaten up, and the two look solemn and sad.

And then there’s Jamal, also dressed in a nice shirt and tie, sitting on his bed holding up the RollerWorld money he found at the end of Season 1.

Ruby’s abuela and mom are also getting ready around their house for what looks like a funeral.

They also start to cry while holding a photo of Ruby and Olivia.

Last, but certainly not least, in the very last second of the trailer, Ruby, who’s lying down in a suit with his eyes closed, dramatically opens his eyes.

Netflix also released a few photos of Season 2, confirming that Ruby’s alive, because he’s seen walking around school with his friends.

Olivia’s speculated death on the show follows a controversy surrounding Hawk last April, who tweeted about her support for Donald Trump and opposition to gun control measures. Fans criticized Hawk, and some even wanted her character killed off the show, citing the fact that she plays someone on a series about low-income people of color living in a neighborhood plagued by gun violence. The controversy prompted the actor to apologize.

"To be honest I'm nervous to speak up knowing whatever I write at this point won't make everyone happy," Hawk wrote on Twitter. "The truth is I was 16 years old when I put that post out there and at 18, I now know that I am not informed enough on several different subjects to be posting blindly."

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