"On My Block" Star Ronni Hawk Has Apologized For Past Pro-Trump Tweets, Saying She's "Evolved"

Ronni Hawk tweeted support for Trump and against gun control. Fans wanted her character written out of On My Block, a show about low-income people of color living in a neighborhood plagued by gun violence.

Earlier this month, fans of Netflix's On My Block uncovered what appeared to be old tweets from Ronni Hawk, an actor on the show, in support of Donald Trump and against gun control.

One of the apparent tweets read, "Go @realdonaldtrump please bring America back!!!"

so i guess the season finale is only 1/2 as sad now #OnMyBlock

(BuzzFeed News could not independently verify the tweet which stated express support of Trump, but the avatar matched one that Hawk used until at least November.)

Another tweet, which was captured by BuzzFeed News prior to its deletion, showed two American flag emojis and a heart emoji. It was sent early in the morning on Nov. 9, 2016, after Donald Trump was officially elected president.

In February, after the Parkland massacre, Hawk also tweeted against protesters demanding that the government enact gun reform.

She also expressly advocated for guns after Parkland.

Many fans of the show, which explores life for young people of color in a low-income neighborhood affected by gun violence, called for Hawk to be fired from the show's upcoming second season or for her character, Olivia, to be killed off.

On Tuesday, Hawk finally addressed the controversy and tweeted an apology to her followers. She said that when she wrote the Trump tweets she wasn't "informed enough" and had been "posting blindly":

"To be honest I'm nervous to speak up knowing whatever I write at this point won't make everyone happy," she said. "The truth is I was 16 years old when I put that post out there and at 18, I now know that I am not informed enough on several different subjects to be posting blindly."

Hawk said she had "learned so much" from working on On My Block about "injustices that take place in this world."

However, people were left unimpressed by Hawk's apology.

@ronnihawk girl, ain’t nobody trying to read this half-assed notes excuse for an apology. You believe in the things you said or else you would’ve never been so loud about him. You don’t care abt other ppl especially other races. Use those netflix and disney checks wisely bc this ain’t it.

@ronnihawk You need the be a part of the show to know that diversity and acceptance are important in society? Girl, bye. Also, what about parkland? Be honest, you don’t care. You’ll never care.

Still, others defended her for evolving as a person.

@ronnihawk honestly the difference of maturity between teen years, whether it be between 14-16 or 16-18, is very great. from personal experience, i’ve grown to learn from my mistakes, & so did you. i don’t think it’s legitimate to use data from 2 years ago. sorry you have to deal with this

The day after Hawk's apology, rapper Kanye West tweeted his love for Trump and a picture of him wearing a MAGA hat, sparking his own backlash among some fans.

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